Brexit Social Security Agreements

Brexit Social Security Agreements

Brexit Social Security Agreements: What You Need to Know

Brexit has been a hot topic for years, and its impact on social security agreements has been one of the many areas of concern. With the UK`s exit from the EU, it`s important for individuals and businesses to understand how this will affect social security agreements and benefits.

What are Social Security Agreements?

Social security agreements are international treaties that ensure individuals who work in one country and live in another can receive social security benefits. These agreements exist between many countries around the world and are vital for individuals who cross borders for work.

What Changes with Brexit?

The UK had social security agreements with many EU member states when it was part of the EU. These agreements allowed individuals to move freely between countries without losing access to their social security benefits. However, with Brexit, the UK has left the EU and, as a result, has left its social security agreements behind.

For UK citizens living in EU countries before December 31, 2020, their social security entitlements will be protected. The UK has negotiated agreements with some EU countries to continue social security benefits after Brexit, but not all countries have an agreement in place. It`s important to check the social security agreements for the country you plan to live in or work in after Brexit.

For EU citizens living in the UK before December 31, 2020, they are currently protected under the EU settlement scheme. This scheme allows EU citizens to continue living and working in the UK with access to social security benefits. It`s important to apply for settled or pre-settled status if you`re an EU citizen living in the UK to ensure continued access to social security benefits.

What Does This Mean for Businesses?

Brexit and social security agreements can have a significant impact on businesses that employ workers who travel across borders. With social security agreements no longer in place, businesses may need to provide additional benefits to employees to ensure they are covered while working internationally.

Businesses will need to review their international employment contracts and ensure they are compliant with the social security agreements in place for the country of work. This may require businesses to update their HR policies and procedures to ensure they are in line with the new regulations.


Brexit social security agreements are a complex issue that requires careful consideration for individuals and businesses. Understanding the agreements in place for the country of work is vital to ensure access to social security benefits and protection for employees. It`s important to stay up to date with changes in regulations and seek professional advice when needed to ensure compliance with the new regulations post-Brexit.